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Save A Kobo is a gathering place for folks who want to learn about money. Our primary focus is on young Africans who are actively engaged in global equities investing. In a rapidly changing and converging world, millions of Africans are trading and investing in US and other global stocks

At Save A Kobo, we have noticed this changing dynamics and aim to share what we know. You will learn how to manage your own money YOURSELF. We are NOT financial advisors..

EVERYTHING on this website. is informational and DOES NOT constitute any form of financial or investment advice.

Investing 101

If you are completely new to investing, start here. Learn what investing is all about. See how others got started.

Investing 101
Stocks 101

Never bought a Stock before? Already a Pro? Learn what they are in this forum. Get Tips and tricks, here. Get and share ideas from and with others.

Stocks 101
Digital Currencies

You have heard about them. Bitcoin, Ethereum, AltCoin... What the heck are they? Get the low down here

Bitcoins & Digital Currencies
How I made It.

Share your winning success stories here so others can learn.

Success Forums

Options 101

Options Tradings is pretty much high stakes Sports betting. Go to this forum to learn how to get started.

Options Forum
Mutual Funds\ETFs

Still wondering what these are? Start here in this forum.

Funds Forums
You Need a BUDGET!
How I lost it ALL!.


You should

Start investing early
to avoid being in financial jail all your life.

Learn how to invest your own money by yourself to avoid being scammed. Financial literacy does not come with age. Interact with others and learn from their wins and loses.

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